Krank’d Up Festival featuring Monuments and 36 Crazyfists


Turning Tricks Entertainment does it again with the epic one day festival Krank’d Up! This time with metal heavyweights 36 Crazyfists and Monuments.

For a few lucky ticket holders, Sundowners and Krank’d Up held a VIP showcase the night before the main event, where VIP’s got to witness the headline acts sound check, giving the people a taste of what to expect the next day, and had all attendees drooling and wanting more. This created the buzz and expectations were high for the main acts – and boy did they deliver!

Upon arrival at the festival located at Sundowners in the depths of Alberton, the weather was set up to be a good day and the atmosphere was pumping with excitement and energy. Partially because Red Bull and Jagermeister had stalls with drink specials so they were supplying parts of the energy, but nonetheless people were excited! Each time you took a glance at someone they would be sporting quite the smile, which is what you would expect considering we were all there to be mind blown by the international headline bands.

There were 2 stages running throughout the day that hosted some of SA’s up and coming acts featuring Dirty Moonshine, Satanic Dagga Orgy, Riddlebreak, Shut Up! It’s Sunday, With Dawn, Ohgod, Only Forever and Octanium.

The boys from Satanic Dagga Orgy owned the stage with their bear all speedos and tasty jams. They’re really making a habit of these speedos although this time they were put to good use when we spotted them cooling down in the pool. Only Forever put on a killer performance during their set. They definitely got the crowd jumping for more.

The main stage outside had an incredible line up including: Savage Lucy, Made For Broadway, Zombies Ate My Girlfriend, Raptorbaby, Climate Control, Hokum, Van Coke Kartel, Red Helen, Deity’s Muse and the international acts Monuments and 36 Crazy Fists.


Made For Broadway performed an outstanding set (as they usually do). They got the crowd pumped by doing their cool dance moves and jumping about the stage. Hokum were another stand out band, with a vocal range that gave me goosebumps and had us in awe. Van Coke Kartel had a perfect intro into their set, as they took the stage the sun was going down creating a majestic sunset backdrop. As usual their performance was on point and was a good set to enter into the night as they were playing crowd favourites. One of the top local acts, Red Helen, left the crowd head banging to every song. They were followed by Deity’s Muse who were a perfect opening for the main attraction Monuments and 36 Crazyfists

12077342_10207657415540730_400329452_nMonuments, a progressive metal band was definitely the highlight of the day for me. Fronted by one of the coolest Afro’s I have seen belonging to lead singer Chris Barretto. But this band is more than just fluffy Afro’s  and incredible dreadlocks. From the minute they graced the stage with their hardcore guitar riffs, pounding drums and the voice of the amazing Barretto, who showed the true power of his voice when whilst crowd surfing flat on his back managed to hit and nail every note he was singing. This band bought everyone to their knees (literally) especially when they demanded it from the crowd, creating suspense until they entered into the breakdown. The whole crowd jumped into the air jamming to the strength of Barretto’s scream. It’s a set that will definitely not be forgotten any time

Something that was taken from watching 36 Crazyfists perform live was that they made teenage dreams come true. Majority of the audience were there to see a band that they grew up listening to and that influenced their taste in music for years to come. It’s happening, the members of 36CF are taking to the stage and the crowd are losing their minds. Lead singer Brock Lindow commanded the floor from the very first song. People were going crazy and singing back passionately, especially when they played Bloodwork. It was a great closer to the night and reminded the audience why 36CF were the soundtrack to their teenage years.

When talking to random crowd goers after the event they were all in conclusion that it was an experience they will never forget. The bands bought their all to the stage and I was very impressed with the overall sound at the event. Krank’d Up just keeps getting better and I for one cannot wait to see what they have in store for future events. Bring on next year!



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Nikita Ramkissoon

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