Take a trip down Abbey Road with Google interactive


The famous Abbey Road Studios has been home to albums like The Beatles’ Abbey Road, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, Radiohead’s The Bends, among many others, but not many fans have had the chance to see where it all happened. Until now.

Google has teamed with the studio to present an in-depth, multimedia guided tour through the famed studios by combining the search engine’s Google Maps technology with YouTube videos, interactive exhibits and more, in the form of Inside Abbey Road.

The interactive, which is only available online for a short time, gives the outside world a great insight into the everyday workings of the studio and allows anyone to glimpse the magic that goes on inside the world’s most famous recording studio.

You can check out Inside Abbey Road here, and it is suggested that you close all other browser tabs while you immerse yourself in the splendour that is the legendary recording studio that has brought the world so much joy.


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Nikita Ramkissoon

Editor at So Much Music
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